I was about to make this a staple -christmas wishes- post, but I think that by now you will have received thousands of such wishes. So, I wish you health because it is the only not granted thing in our lives. For the part of your health you are responsible for, start a healthier lifestyle. It may sound difficult at first, but starting of with a few more vegetables and fruit and adding 15 minutes of daily exercise everything else will start taking place and your body will really appreciate your effort and praise you for that. You only need patience and persistence; these two ingredients and the healthy lifestyle will become yours!

Next and most important, I wish you to become better inside. Let's all stop blame our faults on others and take responsibility for our actions. Let's team up to help others in need, maybe is someone living close to us, maybe is someone in a place we will never be. Both ways, someone needs us and all we have to do is join non profit organizations or give money and clothes we don't appreciate any more to others who undoubtedly will do. Help an old man cross the road, help a child go to school, help your parents and your family; appreciate the little things, because you may own them for now, but who knows what the future holds for each one of us?

Embrace each moment and value it to do something for you and the world, for a better tomorrow.

With love and appreciation,

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