Since you clicked on this tab here are a few things about me. My name is Elena and I am from Greece. I am 18 years old with high expectations of life. I enjoy drinking tea wherever I am and trying all kind of cupcakes. I love vintage fashion, all shades of pink, cute accessories, flower, winter, sea, dreaming and living. I also, adore everything that looks or smells sweet. I am addicted to Paramore's music and Hayley's hair and attitude, but I also like listening to old style music (Frank Sinatra is a good example).

 When it comes to fashion I try to be as creative as I can and compare different kinds of fashion. I am looking forward to transform my wardrobe into a whole new world and maybe design my very own pieces sometime in the future.

 I am also good at painting nails and cooking biscuits(and anything that isn't food related). When it comes to a movie or a book I'd choose detective and horror stories, and when it comes to choose where to pass my afternoon, I would immediately say Starbucks with my love.

 As for my breakfast, this will be a time of the day that we will enjoy together with some beauty and fashion related themes. I'm glad you are here, and if you are interesting keep reading,

Elena xox

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